(Double Sided Suction Cup)
Stabilize It!       Secure It!        Protect It!
For Furniture, Appliances And Electronics
Easy to Install
NO Tools
NO Screws
NO Holes

It attaches to any
Smooth, Clean and
Non-Porous, Flat
Parallel Surfaces.

A must have in Areas
Prone to Earth Quakes!


Laptop / Keyboard


China Cabinet

Dash Board / GPS

Glass Wind Shield / GPS

Dash Board / Console / GPS

Washer / Dryer

Toilet Tank

Door Stopper
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1 PAIR of 1.0"     $9.98 + S/H                         
Purpose of the Invention:
Safety Fasteners is designed to prevent damage to appliances, electronics, and furniture, particularly during
earthquakes. This innovative product features a set of devices containing suction cups joined by a flexible,
accordion-style center. These devices can be used to affix laptops, china cabinets, and other similar items to a wall or
other immovable surface. In the event of an earthquake, this product may keep these items secure and stable,
preventing them from falling or banging against the wall and becoming damaged.

Problem[s] the Invention Solves:
During earthquakes, any items that are not secured to the wall or floor may become jostled around or fall. This can
cause the items to become damaged or broken. Some items may be very expensive to replace, and other items of
sentimental value may not be replaceable. To prevent this, many consumers find ways to permanently attach
valuable items to their walls. However, doing so may require consumers to purchase special tools and to put holes in
their walls. A convenient, effective solution is necessary.

Detailed Description of the Invention:
Safety Fasteners allows consumers to secure valuable items to stable surfaces without the need for special tools. The
invention may comprise a set of devices containing two suction cups joined by a center tube. The tube can be a
flexible, accordion-style component designed to absorb shock and movement to keep items stable. One suction cup
may be attached to a tablet PC, laptop, china cabinet, refrigerator, or other similar item, and the other suction cup can
be attached to a wall or other highly secure surface. For permanent attachment, a small amount of construction glue
or other durable adhesive can be added to the suction cup before it is affixed to the wall. Using this product may
prevent items from falling over, and may also provide a buffer between items and the wall for further damage
prevention. The exact specifications may vary.
1 PAIR of 1.5"   $9.98  + S/H

Date: Friday, April 29, 2011, 3:48 PM, Charles Tucker wrote:
They work great for us - attached to the back of two wooden chairs to keep them from getting pushed against the wall
and scuffing the paint.
Charles - South Carolina
Date: Wednesday, May 11, 2011, 5:15pm, Sandy wrote:
I have it attached to my washer and dryer; they work great! No more banging around.
Sandy - Bay Area,  CA
Date: Monday, Aug 6, 2012, 11:51am, Larry wrote:
Stabilize headboard.  
Larry - Arizona
Date: Thursday, Aug 9, 2012, 8:10am, Kyle Olson wrote:
We are a hotel and use them to hold our refrigerators in the cabinets. It helps prevent the guest from pulling the
refrigerators out and scuffing the furniture. I found your product just by searching google for suction cups.
Kyle Olson - Fargo, ND