(Double Sided Suction Cup)
Stabilize It!       Secure It!        Protect It!
For Furniture, Appliances And Electronics

Minimize DAMAGES During an EARTHQUAKE!
Bed with Fasteners
Sofa with Fasteners
Chair with Fasteners
Washing Machine with Fasteners
Washer/Dryer with Fasteners
Door with Fasteners
Toilet Water Tank
with Fasteners
By attaching the Safety Fasteners behind the toilet water tank, will stabilize it. This will help prevent toilet water tank and pipes from
breaking and to minimize damages during an Earthquake.
Attaching one or more Double-sided Suction Cups together of the same or different sizes, will increase the length (as shown
below). This will provide proper spacing between the wall and the furniture and appliances.
The Safety Fasteners are capable of attaching furniture and appliances to a wall. This will stabilize, secure and protect, while at the same time
providing a buffer between the wall and furniture and appliances. You can add a dab of construction glue or adhesive to the center of the suction cup
to permanently hold the furniture and appliances in place. It also helps to minimize damages during an Earthquake. The Safety Fasteners may also be
useful in trucks, airplanes and ships to protect certain furniture and appliances in Transit. It stabilizes and secures Electronics (iPad, Laptops).
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